Happy Holidays from Unheard

This week, I found at my desk while working on Totally Mashed. A little Elf was off of the shelf and complaining about how I never do any holiday music. At the pole we always listen to …Ok Ok I get it. So why don’t we do this weeks mash together? She thought it was a great I idea then I got hit with a skittle in the eye from another elf that was to the right on a shelf. I was in shock. I feel back out of my chair hit the floor and was out. when I woke up. New Holiday Mash and they were gone. All Thanks to 2 Elves and a skittle.

All fun and skittles aside…Thank you, Thank you so much for supporting and enjoying Unheard.

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Unheard.