This Party’s at the fun house 30Min Mash

Sometimes you go back in the day. You look back at some of the moments that made you smile and laugh and in this case dance like Kid and Play. House Party was a crazy fun movie. the party truly was at the fun house. This takes you back to a time when social status was how big the weekly Jam was. Man that party was hype at insert your name here’s house! How long are their Parents out of town? did you see how many cops show up? OMG!

I was asked can we mash some old school R&B and some new school fun, I said “what if we find some of the most unique material and see, just is if it will …flow.” Well… it flows, it hits and it bangs. Can you dig it!

This week’s Mash contains but is not limited to:

Mike Posner, Credence Clearwater Revival, the Beatles, Toto, Carley Ray Jepsen, Snap David Guetta, Full Force Five, Eric B and Rakim enjoy!