Totally-Mashed-Holiday Edition

A Elf took over Totally Mashed! This week, I found at my desk while working on Totally Mashed. A little Elf was off of the shelf and complaining about how I never do any holiday music. At the pole we always listen to …Ok Ok I get it. So why don’t we do this weeks mash together? She thought it was a great I idea then I got hit with a skittle in the eye from another elf that was to the right on a shelf. I was in shock. I feel back out of my chair hit the floor and was out. when I woke up. New Holiday Mash and they were gone. All Thanks to 2 Elves and a skittle.

This weeks Mashes include the godfather of soul James Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Jet, RUN DMC and a whole lot more. Christmas favorites like white christmas, the Carol of the bells, Frosty the Snowman and more. We have got you covered with some of your holiday favorites. So turn it up grab your hot cocoa. Get the fire glowing and lets rock out and Jam the Holidays.

I still cant believe a Elf took over Totally Mashed. Well that I let a Elf Take over Totally Mashed. The power of a skittle to the face. They have crazy skills. 🙂

All fun and skittles aside…Thank you, Thank you so much for supporting and enjoying Unheard.

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Unheard.

Ps End of the year review and mash coming soon…This is Totally Mashed!

Totally Mashed Holiday Edition Volume 1


Happy Holidays from Unheard

By Editor