Jul 29, 2021

IrishJ is a Father, Husband, Family man and friend. blessed w/ a 2nd chance at life. Radio, Video, Digital guru.

The legend of IrishJ started a long time ago. When PC was in its infancy. Gaming Personal Computers amazing leap forward at the time of his creation played the likes of The Oregon Trail. Arcades ruled with the ringing of Quarters and the sounds of all your old favorites being born.

Mario was a loner. He was more worried about clearing pipes then saving a princess. As time passed, gamming evolved. IrishJ loves to play …EVERYTHING. Board games, Card Games, PC, Mobile, consoles and more.

IrishJ is also creator and founder of this little company Unheard. You might have heard of it.


Game Nickname Statistics
CallofDutyEdition Call Of Duty – Modern Warefare IrishJ
Wins 53.6%
Draws 0%
Losses 46.5%


Irishj and KRS One IrishJ
- To the present
Irishj and KRS One IrishJ
- To the present



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