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Since 1975, the Australian band have cranked out album after album full of scorched-earth, metallic hard rock which has rarely deviated from a template of headbanging-inducing guitar riffs, flashy drums and banshee-yell vocals.

In the process, AC/DC have carved out a niche somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal that’s been an inspiration to aspiring musicians—and given us crank-up-the-volume radio staples “Back In Black,” “Highway to Hell” and “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

In a 2014 Reddit AMA, AC/DC’s Angus Young described the time his guitar amplifier caught on fire while he was recording his the solo for 1977’s “Let There Be Rock.”

“Yes, it was on fire and I had to keep playing until the end, because my brother was in the control room, and yelling out ‘KEEP GOING!’ – so I had to keep going until the thing kind of went into meltdown,”

Angus Young – 2014 Associated Press Interview

He Continued…

And on this album, ‘Rock or Bust,’ we had the same thing … my amp just went on fire. And I didn’t even know! I thought it was a cigarette going. But (producer Brendan  O’Brien) was shouting out, ‘Ang, you’re on fire!’

Angus Young – 2014 Associated Press Interview


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