Hello, Totally Mashed fans!

Announcing Season 2 of Totally Mashed is in full swing. Thanks to you—our amazing listeners. After an incredible first season, we couldn’t wait to dive back into the world of mashed-up melodies, surprising collaborations, and unforgettable musical moments. Indeed, Season 2 promises to be even more exciting, with new artists, fresh beats, and a whole lot of unexpected twists.

Episode 3 is Live!

This week, we’re ecstatic to bring you Episode 3 of Season 2. If you thought last week’s episode was a hit, just wait until you hear what we have in store for you this time.


Totally Mashed Season 2 Episode 3

What to Expect in Episode 3

In Episode 3, we’re pushing the boundaries of musical creativity with some of the most daring mash-ups yet. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Genre-Bending Mash-Ups: Ever wondered what happens when classical meets hip-hop? Or when jazz collides with electronic dance music? Episode 2 has all that and more. We’re breaking down the walls between genres and creating something truly unique.
  • Special Guest Artists: We have a special treat for you with guest appearances from some of the music industry’s most innovative artists. They’ll share their insights on the art of the mash-up and collaborate on exclusive tracks you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Stories: Get an insider’s look at the creative process behind our mash-ups. We’ll take you into the studio, where the magic happens, and give you a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that come with creating our signature sound.

Why Season 2 is a Game Changer

Season 2 of Totally Mashed is all about pushing the envelope. We’re exploring new themes, introducing more complex mash-ups, and collaborating with a wider range of artists. Each episode is crafted to entertain and inspire. Challenging our listeners to think differently about music.

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Stay Tuned

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Thank you! Totally Mashed community. Your support and enthusiasm drive us to keep innovating and bringing you the best mash-ups possible. Here’s to a phenomenal Season 2!

Happy listening, The Totally Mashed Team

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