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Just Like Korn. He sounds like Kenny Chesney, Is that Britney Spears? It could be…or maybe some one is trying to reignite some of the secret sauce. New groups, music and individuals that take inspiration from other and use their creativity to create some thing fresh new and original.

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There is a wealth of music and amazing creations from people all over the world. Program / Music Directors , Record Label people and more research and look at every aspect of all of these to see if they fit a mold. The sound and style or appeal of the current research. If it fits. It gets a push. If it doesn’t it sits until at some point it gets a shot or it doesn’t.

So sound alikes

Lets take a listen to a few. Here are this weeks 5 from my desk. Focusing on sound alike tunes from some new artists you my have not know existed. These are some really unique artists that took a signature sound and made it theirs. Their albums are diverse. Their Style is all their own. Who do you think they sound like? Listen and enjoy NEW Ish from bands you never knew existed. Here is a little about the bands and artists in this weeks 5 from my desk.


Chaoseum was founded in 2018 by Loic Duruz and Valery Veings, both former guitarists of the symphonic metal band ELFERYA. Their first album “First Step To Hell” containing 11 songs was released in September of the same year with Lola van Lo as the singer and Greg Turini as the drummer, both former ELFERYA musicians as well. This album was recorded at the Chaos Studio and mixed by Izakar at the Full Metal Studio. The artwork was entrusted with Gustavo Sazes. In February 2019, CHAOSEUM joined SOULFLY in the USA for a tour of seven concerts on the east coast. Afterwards, back in Switzerland, the singer left the band which then asked CK Smile to join them. The song “First Step To Hell” was subsequently rerecorded. « Welcome to the museum of Chaos »

The Anix

The Anix is an electronic-rock project of Los Angeles composer / producer Brandon Smith. Combining his love of cinematic sci-fi, anime and comic books with synthesizers, electronic programming, alternative rock, powerful vocal hooks and anthemic choruses, The Anix creates a visionary future of art and music. Originally founded in 2001 by Brandon Smith and later joined by brother Logan Smith with long time friend Chris Dinger, the group toured the Hollywood rock club circuit for several years.

After writing hundreds of songs and playing countless shows, the band signed a deal in 2008 to record their first full length studio album titled Demolition City. The band then landed a deal with The Diesel Management Group and toured throughout Europe on the “Rocket Science Tour” with electronic masterminds Apoptygma Berzerk.

In 2018, The Anix completed their metamorphosis from band to solo project as front-man & songwriter Brandon Smith signed with FiXT, the artist-owned/operated independent record label of electronic-rock pioneer Klayton (CelldwellerScandroid, Circle of Dust). Focusing on releasing regular singles throughout the year, The Anix is poised to embrace the future. Find out more about Anix here.


Mothica is A audio / visual project of McKenzie Ellis. Like a moth, nocturnal yet drawn to the light, her lyrics balance clever wordplay doting on intimate and often dark life experiences. Growing up in the suburbs of Oklahoma, McKenzie was a part of a classical guitar ensemble at an arts-focused public high school. At home, she would write original songs over arpeggios she learned in guitar class and uploaded her original songs and covers on YouTube.

Her first released on Soundcloud, ‘Starchild’ (prod. by melodrama) received 100,000 plays in 24 hours. McKenzie learned to produce in Ableton and released an EP called Mythic in 2015. Her somber song about self-empowerment, “No One” reached No. 6 on the US Viral Spotify Charts. Soon after, she released the smash hit “Clear” with Canadian producer Pusher.

The song currently sits at 14 million plays on Spotify and put her on the radar for everyone from Spotify execs to Teen Vogue. In the following couple of years, Mothica released 2 more EPs and collaborated with artists like Crywolf, Tennyson and Said The Sky. Now, in 2020, Mothica is preparing to release her debut album ‘Blue Hour’. Find out more about Mothica here.

Sin Shake Sin

Sin Shake Sin was Recently featured as the ending credits song for the Netflix movie “Little Evil”, as well as prominent placements in the hit TV show “Vampire Diaries”, “WWE Raw” and more, Sin Shake Sin has accomplished many things in a short period of time. Sin Shake Sin is Stacy’s most passionate project yet.   He wrote, performed, and produced it himself.   Sumerian Records announced they have signed the project in August 2019.  The first single through them “Nobody’s Gonna Save My Soul” was released on August 14, 2019.

Stacy Hogan has written over 15 major label songs for other artists across multiple genres, including 2 Billboard Top 10 Hard Rock singles, and even produced an album that topped the Billboard Classical charts in August 2017.  After licensing his music for TV/Film as well as winning multiple songwriting awards, he decided to reboot and begin his new project, Sin Shake Sin.

After successfully meeting it’s crowd-funding goals when the project first debuted as a Kickstarter campaign, Sin Shake Sin‘s debut full length album “Lunatics and Slaves” is available now via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and more. Sin Shake Sin is a fresh new experience in rock. The music is a bold, unique and instantly recognizable signature mix of industrial hard rock, southern old school blues, and in your face pop hooks.

The Blue Stones

The Blues Stones are a Canadian blues rock duo based in Windsor, Ontario. In August 2018, The Blue Stones signed a record contract with Entertainment One, where they subsequently announced plans to re-release their debut LP Black Holes on October 26, 2018.

They subsequently toured the US with their Be My Fire Tour. In early January 2020, The Blue Stones were nominated for the 2020 Juno Award in the category of Breakthrough Group of the Year. In early 2021, the band announced their sophomore LP “Hidden Gems,” co-written and produced by Mutemath frontman Paul Meany.

The ten song album was preceded by singles “Shakin’ Off The Rust,” “Grim,” “Careless,” “Let It Ride,” and “Spirit.” “Hidden Gems” was released on March 19, 2021. Find out more about The Blues Stone here.

Just Like Korn


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