How is the world of music evolving and developing in the COVID-19 world.

Dirty Dozen Concert at home


How is the world of music evolving and developing plus embracing social distancing in the world we live in today. There is some great music/performances out there right now for you to embrace and enjoy from some if not all of you favorite artists.

Below is just some of the amazing performances from Instagrams, Youtube accounts and more.

This edition of The Dirty Dozen is letting us take a look at 12 of the great performances you might have missed over the past few months. Including a chance for you to check out a new band made with some of your old friends.

lets start with a song that was written to help out WHRO during this COVID-19 Nightmare we all have been living in.  if you would lik to know more or donate click here. This is

One Republic

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons did a full concert on there instagram. Here is the set list and all of the songs edited together by a fan.

Concert Setlist:

  • Birds
  • Shots
  • West Coast
  • Believer
  • Hesitation (feat Aja)
  • Next To Me
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Bleeding Out
  • On Top Of The World

Sammy Hagar & The Circle

🤘😷One more week in COVID-19 lockdown and Sammy & The Circle continue to get their jam on. This week it’s the Van Hagar classic “Good Enough” that the Circle was thinking of including in the set list for the next tour. What do you think? Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Tuned.


Sting appeared with Shaggy on an installment of Rolling Stone’s In My Room IGTV series, and now, the artist and former Police frontman is back with his own video, where he called in from his home in Wiltshire, England.

“I’m lucky enough to have a recording studio here, where I can work everyday,” he says. “I’m very fortunate; I’m very grateful. I’m also grateful for our healthcare workers, who are doing an extraordinary job, risking their lives everyday on the front line. The best thing that we can do is to help them, and not to get sick, and not to add to their workload, because we are all in this together.”



Here’s Chris playing the final performance in the #TogetherAtHome series on Instagram Live today. Huge thanks to Mirko & Valerio for lending their incredible violin skills to Viva La Vida.

Bon Jovi


Doobie Brothers

John Fogerty

QUEEN’s Brian May

Crowed House

On the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of Crowded House reaching #2 in the American charts, I’d like to post this video of us performing individually from home a version of Don’t Dream It’s Over.  I really like the way it sounds and the process of flying tapes back and forth was fun… pure and simple… hope you enjoy too. ~ Neil

Sheryl Crow

Tears For Fears

Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies & Sofia Reyes

Follow your favorite artist and look for NEW music and more from them. Plus there are so many new artists out there with amazing talents trying to grow and develop a relationship with you. ope you musically ear and heart to the incredible talents that are out there in the world today.

This has been The Dirty Dozen.