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It All Begins Here

Hello music enthusiasts! I’m Flanagan, and I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through a diverse collection of fresh tunes that have landed on my desk. That you will hear on Unheard today. This is new music your should know. From My Desk, I sit each day digging deep into the libraries of music all over the world. Here explore the latest and greatest tracks featured on Unheard. Also give you a chance to listen to new music you may have never heard before. All from artists you may have never know existed. So, sit back, relax, and let me introduce you to some NEWish. Listen and lets let the music carry us away.


New Music You Should Know
  1. Alice Merton – Vertigo
    • Bio: German-Canadian singer-songwriter Alice Merton made waves with her breakout single “No Roots.” With “Vertigo,” Merton delivers an infectious blend of pop and indie rock, showcasing her distinctive voice and knack for catchy hooks.
  2. Simple Creatures – Drug
    • Bio: This dynamic duo comprises Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low. “Drug” is a high-energy anthem that captures the essence of their collaborative project, Simple Creatures, where punk and pop collide.
  3. Natural Villains – The Man
    • Bio: Hailing from Nashville, Natural Villains bring a gritty, rock-infused sound to “The Man.” With powerful vocals and electrifying guitar riffs, they’re making waves in the alternative rock scene.
  4. Jessia – How are you
    • Bio: Canadian pop sensation Jessia burst onto the scene with her viral hit “I’m not Pretty.” “How are you” showcases her emotive vocals and relatable lyrics, solidifying her as a rising star in the pop landscape.
  5. Goo Goo Dolls – Miracle Pill
    • Bio: A household name since the ’90s, the Goo Goo Dolls continue to evolve with “Miracle Pill.” Their timeless sound, paired with poignant lyrics, makes for a track that resonates with both longtime fans and new listeners alike.
  6. Morgxn – home (feat. Walk The Moon)
    • Bio: Collaborating with Walk The Moon, Morgxn brings us “home,” a captivating blend of pop and indie. Morgxn’s soulful voice combined with Walk The Moon’s infectious energy creates a musical journey worth taking.
  7. Koe Wetzel – Good Die Young
    • Bio: Hailing from Pittsburg, Texas, Koe Wetzel fuses country and rock in “Good Die Young.” His raw, authentic style and storytelling prowess make him a standout in the country music scene.
  8. Kelsy Karter & The Heronies – Alone
    • Bio: Kelsy Karter and her band, The Heronies, deliver a powerful punch with “Alone.” The New Zealand-born artist is known for her fearless approach to music, blending rock and pop influences seamlessly.
  9. SMLE – Haunted (ft. Seann Bowe)
    • Bio: SMLE, a Miami-based electronic duo, teams up with Seann Bowe for “Haunted.” Their innovative production style and Bowe’s mesmerizing vocals create an immersive and haunting sonic experience.
  10. Valorant – Fire Again (feat. Ashnikko)
    • Bio: The mysterious artist Valorant, accompanied by the bold and eccentric Ashnikko, unleashes “Fire Again.” With its genre-defying sound, this collaboration pushes boundaries and demands attention.
  11. The Unlikely Candidates – Invincible
    • Bio: The Unlikely Candidates’ “Invincible” is an anthemic indie-rock gem. Hailing from Texas, the band combines infectious melodies with introspective lyrics, creating a sound that is both powerful and relatable.
  12. Jagwar Twin – Happy Face
    • Bio: Jagwar Twin brings a refreshing and genre-blending sound with “Happy Face.” This Los Angeles-based artist’s eclectic approach to music results in a sonic journey that defies expectations.
  13. Deep Field – Don’t Let Go
    • Bio: Deep Field takes us on an atmospheric ride with “Don’t Let Go.” Their dreamy and cinematic soundscapes showcase the band’s ability to create immersive sonic landscapes.
  14. Crossbone Skully – Evil World Machine
    • Bio: Crossbone Skully dives into darker territory with “Evil World Machine.” This alternative rock project crafts a menacing atmosphere with heavy riffs and intense lyrics.
  15. Mark Morton – She Talks To Angels (feat. Lzzy Hale)
    • Bio: Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton collaborates with Lzzy Hale on a powerful rendition of “She Talks To Angels.” This cover pays homage to The Black Crowes while infusing a modern rock edge.
  16. Marisa Manio – Growing up can go to hell
    • Bio: Marisa Manio’s “Growing up can go to hell” is a rebellious anthem that captures the frustration of adulthood. The Australian singer-songwriter brings an unapologetic attitude to her music.
  17. Yonaka – You Got Another Thing Coming
    • Bio: UK-based Yonaka delivers a bold and energetic track with “You Got Another Thing Coming.” Their fusion of rock and pop elements showcases their versatility and distinctive sound.
  18. Brother Sundance – Monsters (feat. Ella Boh)
    • Bio: Brother Sundance collaborates with Ella Boh for “Monsters,” a genre-blending track that seamlessly merges indie pop and electronic elements. The result is a captivating and emotive musical experience.

“From My Desk” on Unheard

Is a testament to the incredible diversity and innovation within the music industry. These artists bring their unique voices and stories to the world. Creating a sonic tapestry that transcends genres and captivates listeners. So, turn up the volume and let the music speak for itself. I’m Flanagan, and these are just some of the many New Titles featured on Unheard. Keep rocking and tuned for more discoveries from my desk to your ears.

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