Totally Mashed Country Edition. We are kicking it country style! Classic country and some new stuff to. mixed with care and a few surprises too. See I’m a poet and did not know it 🙂

What Is a Mashup?

A creative work that incorporates elements from various sources to produce something new is referred to as a mashup. A mashup, as used in the context of music, is a song that is produced by combining two or more distinct tracks into one new song.

DJs or producers frequently use music production software to mix various song elements together in novel ways to create mashups. They may use samples from various sources or combine the vocals from one song with the instrumental track of another to create a new composition.

Mashups can also be made with other types of media, such as text, images, or videos, in addition to music. For instance, a video mashup may combine scenes from various films to create a new narrative or visual experience, whereas a text mashup may combine phrases from various books or articles to produce a new piece of writing.