Totally Mashed 4/9/20

This week totally mashed took to the land of facebook and asked.  What genre would you like me to focus on?


Rock Upbeat – by request for Nancy. I went diggin in the crates. My virtual crates. Enjoy 🙂  So a little Rick James and some Rolling Stones – Gimmie Shelter Baby.

Ska & Metal – Courtney & Rob. I decided to combine these and man Im so glad I did. Check this out. Diary of Poppy and Breaking Benjamin.

Country with Rock – Jena. How about Korn and Taylor swift 🙂  Twisted Romantics.

Contemporary Christian – by request for Layla. Layla I found a special treat check this out. Worship Mashup Lauren Daigle toby mac jordan Feliz

Now for some more fun:

Pop goes the mashup 😉

I Like Glamorous Diamond Rings – Ariana Grande Cardi B Fergie Bruno Mars

Radioactive Walk On Water – Imagine Dragons Vs 30 Seconds to Mars

Save A Horse, Ride Beyonce Big Rich x Beyonce x Joan Jett x Nelly